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Is a BCAAs supplement worth taking?

"You’ve got endurance athletes that might take [BCAAs] because of fatigue and then you have the ones who are lifting weights and are trying to minimise soreness so they can get back into the gym quicker," she says. "If you were to eat chicken or beef or fish or eggs or drink milk or anything that’s got animal protein, you will get branched-chain amino acids." Dr Kendall agrees BCAAs bypass the liver so they are used directly by skeletal muscle. "During exercise, whether you’re lifting weights, running or cycling, your body will start to use those BCAAs for energy," Dr Kendall explains. "When your body starts to use the BCAAs and the available BCAA pool gets smaller and smaller, you get an increase in tryptophan uptake by the brain, which is converted to serotonin, which is what makes you feel fatigued." So it makes sense in theory, but Dr Kendall says that studies show that BCAAs make no difference to elite performance. "It’s really only been able to delay fatigue and performance in those athletes that are slow runners or cyclists, or people who were eating less than the recommended dietary intake of protein," she says. "Anyone who consumes an adequate amount of protein from their diet is not going to see a benefit from drinking BCAAs, because we’ve already got enough of the BCAAs from your food that you’re consuming." If you're sedentary, you should be looking to have about 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight each day, and if you are physically active it’s recommend you have 1.2-2.0g per kilogram body weight, depending on how much and what type of activity you're doing. RELATED: Do you really need a protein supplement to charge up your workout? This will help you decide Dr Kendall says most BCAA studies that show dramatic improvements are conducted in sedentary people. "We always joke in nutrition research that if you want to see a benefit to a supplement or even a training program, give it to an untrained person, because you’re likely to see anything work," she says. "Most people who go to the gym on a regular basis and who are really in tune with their diet and their lifestyle probably consume enough protein and won’t see any additional benefit from taking branched-chain amino acids." If you've taken BCAAs and felt an improvement in performance, Dr Kendall says it's probably just because you're better hydrated. "You mix BCAAs with water so sometimes consuming them simply gets you to drink water so you are more hydrated," she points out.

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